Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cards, Kids, Nuts, and Salad

While my family was playing cards one night over the Holidays, my 4-year old niece ran around the table with a notepad taking our "orders."

(She and I like to play restaurant.)

Someone asked her what the special was, and she replied "Nut salad."

I started giggling because, hey, that's funny.

Olivia and Luke

So when she filled our "orders" it was with torn up cake bits and mixed party nuts.

Nut salad. Ok. I get it.

That started me thinking about healthy nuts and seeds you can add to salads to add fiber, protein, and healthy fats.

Without further ado, here are 4 kick butt seeds for the next time you feel like making a Nut Salad:

Sesame Seeds

Why They're Good: Cancer fighters, source of heart-healthy phytosterols, and a good source of calcium

How To Eat (Besides salads): Add to all veggie dishes and sandwiches, or use as a crust on broiled fish

Sunflower Seeds

Why They're Good: Lower cholesterol, heart-healthy

How To Eat: Add to tuna salads for crunch, mix with veggies to boost full-feeling

Flax Seeds

Why They're Good: Great plant source of alpha-linoleic acid (an Omega-3), reduce inflammation, lowers cholesterol, tames hot flashes

How To Eat: Grind up flaxseeds and mix into yogurt, protein shakes, or soups (I used to put 2 spoonfulls into my morning shake to insure I was starting the day with healthy fats and plenty of fiber)

Pumpkin Seeds

Why They're Good: Plant source of alpha-linoleic acid (an omega-3) and a good way to get magnesium, which regulates blood pressure and helps bones (anyone who trains hard and/or has high stress needs more magnesium to support their body)

How To Eat: If you take them fresh from the pumpkin, rinse, toss with egg white and sea salt before roasting. (They used to do this when we went on field trips to the pumpkin patch. YUM!)

That's it! Have fun with your NUTrition and it'll be much easier to stick to your plan.

Have a great day!


~Lucas Wold

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Have a great day!

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